30 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

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I am so happy to be back from my break and back to my regular posting schedule! Thank you all for the sweet and encouraging emails, messages and comments. I’ve had a ton of time to think and I’m so excited to start implementing some changes over the next few months. If any of you have any questions about anything and would like me to write a post about it, let me know!


As for today, I am sharing 30 things you didn’t know about me! I originally started this for my Instagram account in celebration of my 30th birthday. It was so well-received that I thought I would share on the blog as well! Enjoy 🙂










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  1. I’ve been skydiving SEVEN times! I even looked into getting licensed at one point.
  2. I once had a job as a lizard hunter (I think the technical name is biological land surveyor).
  3. I originally wen to school to be a fashion designer. My degree is in studio art with an emphasis on figure drawing and sculpture and a minor in marketing.
  4. I’m a self taught musician and most people think that guitar is the first instrument that I learn, but it’s actually piano! I also play a bit of bass, violin, banjo and ukulele.
  5. I’m a huge roller coaster enthusiast (the crazier, the better). With that being said, I’m terrified of water slides haha!
  6. I have a huge sweet tooth (and love baking). Mini cupcakes, soft chocolate chip cookies and Ben n Jerry’s chocolate brownie ice cream are my faves!
  7. I love to travel, even it’s just driving around town…and I loveee being on airplanes (I always have a window seat). My absolute favorite places I’ve been are Switzerland and Paris.
  8. My all-time favorite movies are: Beauty and the Beast (cartoon), Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Willy Wonka (original), The Devil Wears Prada and Means Girls.
  9. I loveeee Disney! My favorite princesses are Cinderella and Belle.
  10. I’m one of those crazy people that loves school and learning new things! Aside from Art and Music, my favorite subjects are math and science.
  11. You’ll be surprised to know that I’m actually super shy in person! I’m an interesting mix of both introvert and extrovert depending on who I’m with (and ironically, with my level of introversion, was voted homecoming queen and best personality lol!) I don’t do well with big groups of people that I don’t know (I get super anxious), but once I get to know someone, I come out of my shell and share my goofy, crazy self. For those of you wondering, I am an INFJ personality type 😉
  12. I’m a huge water drinker! I bring at least two water bottles with me everywhere I go (seriously). I also love juice, lemonade and tea.
  13.  I have a photographic memory.
  14. You’ll be surprised to know that my ears aren’t pierced. I had crazy allergic reactions when I was little and have been terrified to re-pierce them.
  15. Remember when I said I went skydiving seven times? I’m actually terrified of heights! I don’t mind really high places like mountains and airplanes, but things closer to the ground such as ladders, terrify me.
  16. While I have a love and appreciated for all music (I have a wide range….from acoustic to EDM), rock is my favorite! Any kind of rock….punk, metal, classic, 50s, etc. Metallica and Avenged Sevenfold are among my favorites!
  17. I’m completely fascinated my criminology and once took a college class about profiling serial killers. Sounds morbid, but it was super interesting and now I know what to watch out for ha!
  18. I’ve learned three different languages (French, Spanish, and ASL)..but I only remember French lol!
  19. I’m an avid reader! Aside from the obvious fashion magazines, my favorite books include The Great Gatsby, The Notebook and The Help.
  20. I’m crazy good with maps! In fact, the first time my mom took me to a bookstore, I picked out a HUGE world atlas. I would “study” it daily lol!
  21. I’m obsessed with closet organization. I actually have two closets: one for my dresses and another for my tops/skirts. I have everything organized by style, length, color and occasion..along with matching hangers of course.
  22. You know those crazy people that you witness singing and dancing in their cars like a maniac?…that’s me haha! Even if I’m not in a car, I’m always singing and dancing like a crazy person.
  23. I’m obsessed with fireworks! I think they are just so magical. I always make my husband stay late to watch them with me when we go to Disney.
  24. You might be surprised to know that I’m only 4’11”. People usually think I’m so much taller. This might contribute as to why I was repeatedly mistaken was a student when I subbed lol!
  25. I’m an artist of many mediums: pencil charcoal, pastels, paint, pretty much anything except ceramic lol! My favorite things to create are fashion sketches and portraits (and clothing of course).
  26. I love being active! I played soccer and did cheer though out high school, but current favorites are yoga, barre and hiking.
  27. My eyes actually change color (from green to blue) depending on what I’m wearing.
  28. The first time I traveled out of California was when I flew to Europe at 19…by myself…on a German-speaking flight lol! Ironically, this was also the first time that I had ever been on a plane.
  29. Vegetables are my arch nemesis. I don’t like the taste or texture at all, but I’m getting better at incorporating them into my diet. 😉
  30. I’m terrified of spiders, needles, failure and the dentist lol! I’m also not a fan of mosquitoes or bees as I’m allergic :-/ Yuck!

Now it’s your turn!

Tell me something that I don’t know about you in the comments <3


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