2015: A Year in Review

Pretty in Plum

Read on for my favorite outfits from 2015 along with my resolutions for the new year! 😀



Pink Petals




Rainbow Bright


Wine Leather




Strawberry Fields




Snow White



Vintage Blue


Feathers & Tulle



Pattern Party


Purple McPurpleson



99 Pink Balloons


Golden Dots



Jackson Pollock

Holy smokes! 2015 flew by so fast! Every year has it’s ups and downs and 2015 wasn’t any different.

The past year brought about many opportunities. I had finished one very long term sub job and ended up with two more. That is crazy because long term jobs are hard to come by. In May, I was offered three teaching jobs (2 high school, 1 junior high), but somehow none of them quite worked out. I started an online clothing boutique (my second business) and closed shop a week before the new year. I grew my guitar lesson clientele so much that I currently have a waitlist for perspective students. I started my blog and have had the most amazing journey so far getting to know others, learning new things and thinking creatively when it comes to styling. In the past few years, both families (my husband’s and mine) have been challenged with serious health issues. It has been a roller coaster since right before our marriage and it finally seems to have calmed down a bit. So incredibly thankful for that!

I have decided to make this year a bit different than the past few years. In the past, I realize that I have always done for others and not taken a lot of time out for myself. Therefore, I’m making 2016 about ME. Yes, you heard me right. This year I am going to be selfish. I’m making it a priority to make this a happy, healthy and eventful year!

So far, 2016 is looking bright! This is looking like another big year for my husband and I. I will not say why because I don’t want to jinx anything (it does not have to do with babies so that narrows it down haha!). We have worked very, very hard for the past few years to get to this moment and I am ecstatic to see what God provides for us in this arena!

Resolution #1: Make health a priority!

Another resolution/goal that everyone has at the top of their list is to lose weight. Mine isn’t so much to lose weight, but to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. In the past, my work schedule has not allowed me to go to the gym as much as I’d like, but I have decided that it is important and I need to make it a priority (without compromising other things of importance). I will continue to grow through yoga and hope to learn even more challenging poses. I’d like to try out a new class such as barre or zumba to gain a bit more confidence in myself. My main problem isn’t working out though…it’s eating. I eat like an 8 year old. I love pizza, mac n cheese, chocolate chip cookies and cake. I have found healthier alternatives to my favorite foods which is amazing, but it’s simply not enough. I am the pickiest eater and I LOATHE vegetables. Like…I’d rather eat bicycle tires. I know I need to eat them though and I am finally ready to get over my fear of bad tasting food and make it tolerable for the sake of my health.

#2: Take time for myself!

Another goal for this year is to take time for myself and do things I enjoy….and learn to say “NO.” Since I started working over a decade ago, I have ALWAYS worked 2-3 jobs. Looking back, I have lost out on so much, but sometimes working that much is not really a choice and is just something you have to do to survive. I have gotten to the point, where it really is my choice and I don’t NEED to work all of these jobs or all of these hours. Closing down one business was the first step in this process. It has opened up a lot of free time to work on the blog, my other business and spend time with my husband. I will finally be able to do things that I have simply never had the time for, such as learning to use my sewing machine…or even going back to school. Yes, it is less money in my pocket, but happiness and quality of life are so much more important to me.

#3: Explore new places and experience new things!

Lastly, I am hoping to make this the year of adventure. In the past, my jobs have always gotten in the way of going anywhere. No more! We have a long bucket list of places we’d like to visit and intend on crossing out as many of those as we can! One of my favorite things to do is to jump in the car and drive aimlessly, finding new places to explore and admiring the beauty of every little thing that makes life so wonderful. I have no idea where we will go and it doesn’t really matter…as long as I’m going somewhere….wind blowing through my hair, rolling hills in the distance, my husband by my side. That’s a life worth living.

HAPPY 2016!!!! What are your goals for the new year?

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