As a native Californian, I’m no stranger to Disneyland. In fact, it’s the place that I’ve celebrated many birthdays, graduations and of course, each year of our dating anniversary (ten consecutive years!). And with each visit, I pick up a few new tricks that…… View Post

November has flown by and I can hardly believe the holidays are just around the corner! Christmas time is my favorite for many reasons: cozying up with a warm blanket and hot chocolate in hand, driving around glistening neighborhoods to view their Christmas light display….… View Post

If I had to choose just one product to use for my skin, it would have to be an eye cream. But not just any eye cream…one that can do it all. Read on for four simple tips…… View Post

I grew up thinking that I always had to have a perfect plan for my life. I had to get straight A’s so I could get into to college…I had to go to college so I could have a career…I had to have a career so I could support my family…I had to have a family because…

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Today marks TEN years since my husband and I officially got together. Wow – I still can’t believe it! It’s funny because we celebrate both our dating anniversary and…… View Post

If there’s one question I get asked often, it’s this…”How do you make money blogging?” Since the blogging space is a relatively new, people don’t really understand how it actually works as a career. Just like any other entrepreneurial, there are…

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